Bride-to-be faces backlash over her ‘selfish’ bridesmaid demand: ‘What you did was awful’

A bride-to-be is furious that her sister doesn’t want to be a bridesmaid.

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The bride-to-be felt like she went above and beyond for her sister’s wedding. So when the Reddit poster was having a wedding of her own, she asked her sister to be in the wedding party. Then her sister declined. Things only escalated from there.  

“My sister and I are close,” the Reddit poster said. “I was incredibly honored to be in her wedding party two years ago as a bridesmaid. It was wonderful, but I felt that I made quite a number of sacrifices when it came to her wedding. I kept telling myself that when it was my turn, she would return the favor. My boyfriend and I got engaged. My sister and her husband were over for dinner last night, and the subject of my wedding was brought up. My sister asked how things were going. I said probably not up to the same speed she was, but she’s going to be right up there on the big day. She asked if that was an official ask to be in the wedding party. I told her yes.”

But her sister didn’t seem too excited about being in the bridal party.  

“She told me that was fine, but then she got quiet and looked at her husband,” the Reddit poster explained. “I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she will have to decline my offer. She said that she was a little wedding’ed out. She also said that in the next year, she has a lot going on with finishing her thesis and — surprise — she was pregnant. She asked [me] not to say anything and [said] that they were planning to tell everyone at Christmas. She said she still wants to be involved but on a smaller scale and just as a guest, especially since she’ll have a new baby. I told her she was selfish, and after everything I had to put up with at her wedding, she owed me. She looked angry and told me that was a lie. She said I complained about the dresses being lavender, the dates of everything and how I was the only person in the bridal party who couldn’t make her bachelorette party because I wanted to go to a concert. I told her to get out, and they’d be lucky if I decided to invite them still. My parents called asking what happened. I told them everything and told them to ask about the baby. Apparently, I made things even worse, and my parents want to come over to talk to me.” 

Redditors felt the bride-to-be was in the wrong.

“What you did was awful. If I were her, I wouldn’t speak to you again for a long time,” a user wrote

“Your sister isn’t obligated to be in your wedding,” another commented

“[You are] being a selfish brat,” someone said

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