Bride-to-be sparks controversy with her ‘demanding’ wedding dress code: ‘We would not be able to afford all this’

A woman uninvited herself from her sister’s wedding when the bride became too entitled.

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She planned on attending the wedding at first. Then the bride insisted the Reddit poster pay for expensive clothes and gifts. She finally got fed up when the bride asked for a $2,500 honeymoon. 

“My sister is getting married in January,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She sent the invites last month, and I RSVP’d yes. But soon after, my husband and I regretted our response. My sister has chosen the clothes for each immediate member of her and her fiance’s family to buy and has said we will be turned away if we don’t comply. My dress is $350, my husband’s suit is $290, our daughter’s dress is $120, and our sons were going to be in $80 suits. She informed the family, on top of the cost of our clothes, that she had passed on the discount for rooms so she could invite more people to the wedding, and a single room is $200 for the night, double rooms are $300, and the family room is $500, and that she already went to the effort of securing us those rooms, and we would need to pay the money. I told her it was a lot, and we couldn’t afford all that.”

But the last straw for the Reddit poster was when the bride demanded she pays for the honeymoon. 

“My parents offered to pay for our hotel room, and then she sent us the link to the gift we *must* buy for her,” the Reddit poster said. “It’s $600 and can only be bought online and includes shipping, or we’d have to drive to another state to pick it up. My parents told her it was unreasonable to expect this much of all of us. She said it was reasonable to expect your family to make your special day a good one. My husband and I highly debated pulling out of the wedding entirely. We agreed to just ignore the demands and show up anyway. But then she announced that my parents, husband and I were being put in charge of paying for their honeymoon. Their honeymoon package came to $2,500. Right after that, I sent another message that our RSVP was going from a “yes” to a “no,” and we would not be able to afford all this, and since she’s being so demanding of our money, we feel it best we are not there.”

Reddit posters thought the bride was being high maintenance. 

“This wedding entitlement is getting crazy,” one person wrote.

“To call her deluded is an insult to the deluded,” another said

“Your sister is insane,” a user commented

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