Bride-to-be leaves family ‘disappointed’ after choosing grandfather to walk her down the aisle: ‘Your wedding, your choice’

A woman doesn’t want her stepfather to walk her down the aisle, and her parents are furious

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. Her father died when she was 12, and her mom remarried when she was 13. She had always spent a lot of time with her paternal grandfather, so when she got engaged, she wanted him to walk her down the aisle. But her stepfather felt neglected by the decision. 

“My dad died when I was 12,” the bride-to-be wrote. “My parents were long since divorced. My mom introduced me to her [now-husband] two days after my 13th birthday and married him five months later. Because of my age, I always saw him as my mom’s husband. We get along fine, but he was never someone I looked to for dad stuff. That fell to my grandpa. When I got engaged last year, I asked my grandfather if he would walk me down the aisle. But when my mom’s husband asked who was walking me and I told him, my grandpa, he got really quiet for like an hour and then asked me why I chose my grandpa over him.” 

The bride-to-be’s decision infuriated her mom and stepdad.

“I said I wanted my grandpa there to represent my dad, and because we had a very close, very important relationship,” she explained. “I said my mom and her husband would be walking together during the wedding. They said it wasn’t enough and that he should have been asked first as the true father figure. My mom’s husband said I should have considered him more, and at least just walk with my fiancé if I wouldn’t even ask him to be by my side. My mom told me she was disappointed in me. That it’s not what my dad would have wanted. I told her I think this is exactly what my dad would have wanted. Which she couldn’t argue back with.” 

Reddit users thought the bride-to-be had the right to choose whomever.

“Your wedding, your choice,” one person responded

“You are right. They are wrong. This one ain’t complicated,” another said

“Your stepfather is making your wedding about him,” a user commented.

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