Bride-to-be sparks controversy with her surprise wedding dress decision: ‘Your outfit, your decision’

A woman refused to return her wedding dress even though her future sister-in-law had the same one.

She asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She secretly purchased her wedding dress without anyone in the family knowing. When her future sister-in-law (her fiancé’s twin brother’s fiancée) announced she had picked out a wedding dress too things took a turn. The two wedding dresses were identical and neither woman was backing down. 

“My fiancé and I got engaged summer 2019,” she explained. “We set the wedding for December 2021. In March this year, I walked past a shop for wedding dresses and saw one in the window I instantly loved. Long story short, I bought it the next day together with my best friend (I wanted her opinion first). No one else knew I already have it. My brother-in-law is supposed to get married in September and his fiancée went dress shopping last week (I didn’t come along). Today she wanted to show the dress to the ‘girls in the family.'”

But when the Reddit poster saw the dress, she instantly knew there was going to be an issue. 

“Well, she walks out with the EXACT SAME dress I have,” the bride-to-be said. “Everyone was complimenting her so I kept quiet for the moment but as soon as I got the chance to talk to her privately I talked to her and told her I have the same dress. She was very disappointed as she expected she would be coming along dress shopping with me. She was also angry I have the same dress and asked me to give it back because she doesn’t ‘want to get married in the same dress as her husband’s twin brother’s wife.’ I don’t want to give my dress back: I absolutely love it, I don’t mind getting married in this dress even if she is wearing the same. Words came out to the rest of the family and everyone is giving me s*** for my decision.”

Reddit users supported the poster’s choice not to get a new wedding dress.

“It’s your wedding, your outfit, your decision,” a user commented.

“If she has the problem, she could return her dress,” another wrote.

“This is her problem. You’re fine,” a person said. 

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