Bridesmaid calls out bride over her ‘ridiculous’ post-wedding demand: ‘Get her out of your life’

A bridesmaid can’t believe what the bride asked her to do after the ceremony. 

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to explain what happened. She and the other bridesmaids felt they lucked out with their dresses. They were comfortable, flattering and in a style the bridesmaids could wear again. But the bride didn’t want the dresses to used for anything but her wedding

“My best friend’s wedding was this past weekend,” the Reddit poster explained. “There were four bridesmaids in total (including me). We all got the same matching dresses, costing about $220 each. Super pretty, comfortable and definitely something you could wear to another event or just a night out.” 

The situation seemed ideal until the bride made an unusual request.

“This morning I and the other three bridesmaids got a group text from the bride saying she expected us to not wear the dresses we wore to the wedding anywhere else and to get rid of them because they were only for her special occasion,” the Reddit poster said. “I replied saying I wouldn’t be tossing out a dress I spent that much money on, and now she won’t talk to me.” 

Redditors thought the bride was being unreasonable.

“She is ridiculous. If she doesn’t want you to wear it tell her to buy it off you,” a user wrote

“Sounds like she is controlling. Get her out of your life NOW,” another commented.

“It’s your dress; do with it as you please,” another said

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