Bridesmaid sparks wedding drama with ‘disrespectful’ last-minute outfit change: ‘She should have known’

A woman is wondering if she made the wrong decision when she let her daughter wear flip-flops to a wedding

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to weigh in. Her 14-year-old daughter was asked to be a bridesmaid at the last minute. The trouble was despite the bride’s request, the teenager could not manage to walk in heels. The Reddit poster let her daughter wear flip-flops to the wedding instead. Now the bride is furious. 

“My daughter was invited to be a bridesmaid in my niece’s wedding last minute,” the mom wrote. “Everyone was instructed to wear silver heels. My daughter has never worn heels but agreed to try for the wedding. The night before the wedding, my daughter goes to the wedding location (backyard of my aunt’s house, where we were staying) and tests her walking in heels. The aisle is a DIY job of brick done by my aunt many years ago. Not stable or easy to walk on, especially in heels. My daughter starts freaking out because she can’t walk on it but I assure her she just needs to practice.”

However, the practice didn’t help given the especially difficult terrain. 

“The day of the wedding comes and she’s near panic attack and begs me to wear her flip-flops, they are a basic pair of Old Navy flip-flops but they are silver,” the Reddit poster explained. “I finally give in and say yeah it’s probably safest and will avoid her falling in front of everyone. Wedding goes on, all is good. Until the pictures come back and the bride realizes my daughter is in flip-flops in the pics of her walking down the aisle. She texts me demanding explanations but she didn’t like what I had to say.” 

Reddit users thought the flip-flops were a bad choice.

“She didn’t have to wear heels, but Old Navy flip-flops? That was disrespectful,” one person commented

“She should have known that a kid that age might not be comfortable wearing heels,” another suggested

“When she realized she couldn’t walk in them the bride should have been consulted,” someone added.

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