Woman calls out brother after discovering his ‘extreme’ financial lie: ‘[He] literally stole from you’

A 19-year-old woman is furious with her older brother because he stole her PS4 and refuses to return it.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. Her father bought her a PS4 years ago. But when her brother became interested in video games, he hijacked the console. Then when he moved away for college, he took the PS4 with him. Now, she wants it back. 

“I very avidly play video games,” she wrote. “I’m currently going to college for video game development and computer science. Back when I was a pre-teen, I received a PS4 as a Christmas gift from my dad. A few years ago, my older brother started liking video games too, so he began using my PS4 regularly. My brother had been living at home for a couple of years while he went to a community college in our hometown. But a couple of years back, he moved several hours away to attend a different college. When he did that, he took the PS4 with him. [It] turned out he lied to our mom that I had given him permission to take it.” 

But when she confronted her brother about the issue recently, things exploded.

“I made the decision that once he graduated and worked full time, that I’d ask for him to either return the PS4 and all games, controllers and game drives or to reimburse me for it,” she explained. “Now, that time has come. He ended up going off and cursing me out. Apparently, his girlfriend decided to become a stay-at-home wife, and he’s paying the bills. He thought I was aware of this, so he was super upset that I’d ‘be such a greedy b**** in his time of need.’ We argued more before he ended up hanging up and blocking me on everything. [I] found out he lied about the financial hardships. The reaction was so extreme that I’m wondering if I was wrong.” 

Reddit users thought her brother was completely in the wrong. 

“Your brother literally stole from you,” a person said

“It is the worst when family takes advantage of you over money,” someone commented

“He stole your stuff,” another said

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