Man blown away by friend’s response to his allegedly ‘cheap’ holiday gift: ‘Selfish and materialistic’

A man is wondering if he should have spent more money on his friend’s holiday gift.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum for advice. His friend claimed that her love language is gift-giving and receiving. So he put a lot of thought into the gift he got her. But when she saw it, she wanted to know why he didn’t spend more money on her. 

“My friend is obsessed with the five love languages,” he said. “She always asks people what their love language is, and she does her best to show love by using your love language. She says that her love language is receiving gifts, so everyone should put a lot of thought into her gifts.

“I thought I put a good amount of thought into her gift. She likes this one brand of artisan coffee from a local shop, so I bought her a big bag of that coffee from the store and a nice mug to go with it. It cost about $45 in total.”

While he believed the gift was thoughtful, she didn’t like the present one bit. 

“We did our gift exchange one week ago, and she seemed disappointed when she opened her gift,” he explained. “I asked her what was wrong, and she asked how much I spent on the gift. I told her the price, and she said she expected a nicer gift, preferably about $200.

“She said that my cheap gift meant that she felt unloved because receiving gifts is her love language. That admittedly pissed me off. I called her selfish and materialistic and took the coffee and mug from her. I figured if she didn’t want it, she shouldn’t have it. I left without opening my gift, and now we haven’t spoken in a few days.” 

Redditors felt the friend was being entitled and demanding. 

“Her love language is money and attention,” a user said

“She’s using love languages to be manipulative and greedy,” another commented

“She sounds like a friend that you could do without,” someone added

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