Man faces backlash over his ‘ridiculous’ cleaning demands for his wife: ‘[She] is more than a robot’

A man is furious with his wife because she didn’t clean their home in time for guests.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum for help. His wife is a stay-at-home mom, and they have three kids under 10. Their home frequently becomes messy because of the children. The wife agreed to only keep the house tidy for when guests arrive. But due to a miscommunication, he brought friends over while the home was still in disarray. Now, he’s upset with her. 

“I am the breadwinner; my wife is a stay-at-home mom,” he wrote. “We have three kids, so the house is a little too messy oftentimes. I did tell her that she only has to make sure the house is clean when we have guests over, and she agreed with me.

“The other day I brought over some friends from work, and when I opened the door, all I could see was an utter mess, food and toys and clutter everywhere. I was shocked. I was embarrassed and just mortified that my friends saw my home looking like this.

“I was livid. I waited til they left, then went into the bedroom to see that my wife was actually sleeping,” he explained. “I woke her up to ask why she didn’t tidy up the house, knowing I was going to bring friends over. She said she didn’t know, but I sent her a text letting her know, and she said she didn’t see it. I told her it seemed like she did see the text but decided to ignore it?

“She argued that, first of all, the kids are the ones causing this mess, and, second of all, it was my fault for not checking twice with her and making sure the house was ready for guests. I thought that was ridiculous because she was basically blaming me for her own actions. She called me a jerk, then walked out of the room and avoided speaking to me about it, insisting that I’m the one at fault in this situation.”

Redditors believed the husband was taking his wife for granted. 

“Your wife is more than a robot. She is a human, and it’s time for you to start treating her with compassion,” a user said

“If you want her to clean up for guests, you give her at least 24 hours’ notice,” another commented

“Clean your own d*** house. Ridiculous,” someone wrote

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