College student troubled by roommate’s ‘awful’ dorm room behavior: ‘She treats me like an inconvenience’

A college student feels like her dorm-mate is constantly gaslighting her. 

She posted about the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum. Each time the roommate calls her romantic partner on the phone, she asks the Reddit poster to leave the room. Whenever the Reddit poster confronts the roommate on the issue, the roommate makes up excuses. Now, the Reddit poster feels bullied by the roommate for no reason. 

“I’m a college freshman, and my roommate and I do not get along,” the student wrote. “She just seems to view me as an inconvenience and wants nothing to do with me. She is constantly calling and Facetiming her girlfriend, which I’m fine with, except she asks me to leave the room every time.” 

“She’ll ask, and when I express that I don’t feel like I should have to do that, she’ll say ‘but she’s sad’ or ‘but it’s cold outside so I can’t leave’ or something else to guilt me about it. She acts like I’m not giving her what she’s owed when I feel like it’s not my problem if she needs a private phone call. She also has her girlfriend on the phone all night long — like while sleeping — on speaker. It brings me into that intimacy, and it’s super uncomfy. I can hear her girlfriend breathing and snore through the phone and everything.”

The Reddit poster has even heard her roommate gossiping about her to their mutual friends. 

“When her girlfriend visited, they smoked in the room without asking me after she had told me no just a few days prior when I checked with her if my friends and I could smoke here. Later that night, around midnight, she asked me to sleep in someone else’s dorm because they ‘just wanted one night together.’ She treats me like an inconvenience — like I impose on her just by existing,” the student said

“I feel gaslit, manipulated, and bullied. She is always mean to me, even around our mutual friends. Today, I caught her speaking badly about me to our mutual friends after I told her that I wouldn’t leave the room for her to call her girlfriend (I am sick today, which she knows). I feel like I’m not crazy, but I just need assurance.”

Redditors thought the roommate was being disrespectful. 

“You should talk to your resident assistant and the housing department and see if you can switch dorms. She sounds awful,” a person said

“Your roommate is being very selfish and entitled,” another wrote

“Your roommate sounds like a brat,” someone commented

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