Woman sparks backlash with reaction to her coworker’s engagement ring: ‘She started crying’

A woman is second-guessing her choice to wear her engagement ring to work. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her boyfriend proposed with a family heirloom, a ring with many diamonds. She was excited to show her friends at work. But when she did, another coworker overheard the news and got upset. 

“I got engaged to my fiance Cruz four days ago,” she wrote. “My future mother-in-law gave my fiance his great-grandmother’s ring to propose with and it is absolutely gorgeous. His great-grandfather personally hand-made the ring and chose the accompanying diamonds.”

“Now on Monday, I wore my ring to work and I was so excited to show my girlfriends when we all went to lunch. I swear I didn’t flash it to everyone, I wasn’t being annoying, I only wanted to show my girlfriends, I didn’t want to create a big fuss (they were the only ones I told).”

Despite the effort to remain lowkey, one of her coworkers still had an issue with the ring. 

“Well after lunch I got pulled aside by one of my coworkers, Sierra, who said that I was being unprofessional by showing off my ring,” the Reddit poster explained. “She told me I was being insensitive to my other female coworkers who wore their engagement rings and have smaller diamonds. I was obviously confused and told her that issue isn’t my problem.”

“She said I was being rude because it made her wedding ring look cheap in comparison to mine. She also told me that the ‘silent rule’ of big diamonds should only be worn after five years of marriage. After she was talking I told her I’m never going to take off this ring and she can suck it up basically. She then started crying and walked out of work early.”

Redditors felt Sierra was the one with the problem. 

“Just ignore her and move on,” a user wrote

“I think Sierra has issues regarding her OWN ring,” another said.

“It’s not even like you flashed your ring in this person’s face, they decided to get in your business and upset themself in the process,” someone commented.  

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