Mom-to-be dumbfounded by in-laws’ ‘cruel’ reaction to her baby announcement: ‘I’d consider divorce’

A mom-to-be’s husband won’t accept the fact she’s pregnant with a girl

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She’s pregnant with the in-law’s first grandchild and they expected a boy. When the doctor said she was carrying a girl, her husband refused to acknowledge it. Now she’s sick of pleading with them to accept her daughter. 

“I am expecting my first baby with my husband,” she explained. “This is the first grandchild in the in-law’s family. They said that if the baby’s a boy then we’ll give him my father-in-law’s name (he’s dead due to cancer). I had no problem with that. The doctor’s appointment came, and it turned out to be a girl. My husband cried in the car then turned his phone off to hide from his family, then finally told them.”

“His mom and the others made their frustration and disappointment clear which bothered me cause my daughter deserves to be celebrated. They ghosted me for days then started coming over and visiting constantly referring to my daughter as my son claiming the results were false and basically pretending it’s a boy. I had several fights with them after they refused to stop it, and my husband sided with them.”

The issue came to a head when the family decided to throw the mom-to-be a baby shower. 

“My sister-in-law called to apologize,” she wrote. “Then inform me she arranged for a baby shower for me. I was so excited and happy. But when I arrived I saw blue balloons, blue cake with my father-in-law’s name/decorations around. She explained they were still hoping the gender results are false and it’s a boy. I looked at my husband and he agreed with her.”

“I lost my temper and yelled at them all calling them delusional and telling them to stop treating my daughter like she’s unwanted and act like she doesn’t exist by throwing a party for ‘their imaginary grandson.’ They started yelling and my husband followed me outside and started arguing about how I insulted his family, and his dad’s memory by acting like that. I told him to wake up and see the insanity in his family’s behavior.” 

Redditors thought the family was being unhinged. 

“This sounds so irrational, I’d consider divorce and restraining order against his entire family,” a user said

“I’d look at plans for leaving this family before she’s born,” another commented

“Disrespectful, hurtful, cruel and entitled,” someone wrote

“This family is out of their minds,” a person said

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