Restaurant customer faces backlash after bringing their ‘own bottle’ of condiments to dinner: ‘Tasteless and classless’

A student refused to pay for ranch dressing at a pizza shop and then took matters into their own hands. 

They asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. The student dined with a group of friends at a pizza place. The shop provided free cups of garlic sauce. The group wanted ranch dressing instead. When the restaurant said it would be $1 per cup, the students passed. After the owner made a rude comment, the Reddit poster retaliated. 

“So last night, I and a few friends went to a pizza shop in downtown Morgantown,” the student wrote. “We got a couple of pizzas — some regular and some gourmet. We didn’t know, but every pizza came with a cup of garlic sauce. Well, none of us liked garlic sauce, and we asked if we could get some ranch instead. They wanted a dollar per cup and wouldn’t swap the garlic sauce. Keep in mind, these were large pizzas and very hungry college students, and we would have needed about 10 of these little cups of ranch.”

The Reddit poster and their friends didn’t want to pay the high price for the condiment. 

“We weren’t about to pay $10 for ranch dressing and told the girl who brought out the pizza not to worry about the ranch,” the Reddit poster said. “The restaurant owner overheard this and made a comment, ‘s*** isn’t free, boys,’ and that really pissed me off. There was a convenience store across the street, and I decided to get us some ranch. I got up and walked across the street and bought a big bottle of ranch — enough for five more pizza outings — for $5.”

“Some of my friends said I shouldn’t have done that, and the store owner gave me a dirty look. I was told I was ‘petty’ and ‘tight.’ I told them I was going to enjoy my cheap ranch and, if it was that big of a personal conviction, keep their hands off it. That personal conviction lasted 30 seconds, and, pretty soon, that bottle was being passed around the table. So AITA for refusing to pay $10 for ranch and going to buy my own bottle instead?”

Redditors weren’t happy with how the poster handled things.

“Bringing in a bottle of outside ranch is tasteless and classless,” someone said

“You shouldn’t bring in outside food or condiments to a restaurant,” another commented

“You were cheap, and the restaurant doesn’t owe you a different dipping sauce,” a person wrote

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