Dad faces backlash after forbidding his teen daughter from attending homecoming: ‘You’ve got serious control issues’

A father is under fire for the way he disciplined his teenage daughter.

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum for advice. He and his ex-wife split custody of their daughter. But when he found out his daughter planned to go to homecoming without asking him first, during his week, he became furious. The dad then wanted to teach his daughter a lesson. 

“My daughter is 14 and a freshman in high school,” the father wrote. “She came home one day after being at her mother’s for a week (we split custody) and wrote ‘homecoming’ on our calendar and starts talking about all the plans she’s made with her best friend to go to homecoming together. Homecoming week happened to fall on a week she was with me. She starts raving to my wife and me about the dress her mom took her to buy and that she’s matching with her friend. She had even bought a ticket already. I was furious with her entitlement to just make all these plans without asking me first.” 

The dad decided to punish his daughter for making plans without his permission. 

“I can admit it’s not just her fault, but her mother’s as well for not clearing it with me before buying her the dress and ticket,” the father said. “In fact, I wouldn’t put it past her and her mother to have bought the dress and ticket before asking in order to force me into letting her go. I want to teach her a lesson about asking first and not assuming that I’m just going to let her do whatever she wants and that she can’t manipulate people in order to get her way. So I told her that if she’d asked first, I’d have been happy to let her go to her homecoming dance. But since she decided to make plans and buy stuff before even asking if she could go, I wasn’t going to let her.” 

Redditors thought the father was totally wrong. 

“As a father of a teenager daughter, who shares custody with her mother, you’ve got serious control issues,” a person commented

“This is just about your ego and need for control,” another wrote

“This whole thing is dripping with control issues,” someone said.

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