Dad enrages wife with his meal selection when packing their daughters’ lunches: ‘They aren’t being picky eaters’

A father is defending his decision to make his kids elaborate lunches every day. His wife doesn’t approve, however.

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. He usually packs his children’s lunches with curries, rice, smoothies and more. But when it’s his wife’s turn to pack lunch, she just makes them frozen pizza or sandwiches. When the kids said they liked their dad’s lunches better, the mom got upset. 

“My older daughter is in gymnastics and my younger daughter does ballet,” he explained. “As they have a lot of physical activity, they get ravenous when they’re done with practice. However, they usually have school immediately after practice, so I and my wife alternate between packing food for them. We usually pack a lunch and a breakfast for after the practice. Thankfully my kids aren’t picky eaters, so it’s easy to cook for them. My wife usually packs sandwiches and a juice box or reheated frozen pizza for them, which usually doesn’t sustain them enough. I pack curries, rice, salads, eggs, homemade smoothies, etc. All the stuff that keeps them full for longer.”

But when the kids weighed on each parent’s lunches, the dad got an earful from his wife. 

“Yesterday, my kids told us at dinner that they like the food I pack for them a lot and that they want me to pack food for them every day since mom’s food isn’t filling,” he said. “They said that they feel hungry before the second hour and the lunch starts only after the fourth hour. They don’t like eating at the canteen since the food there is literal crap, and it doesn’t sustain them either. When the kids went to bed, my wife got mad at me, saying that the kids are becoming picky eaters thanks to me and my elaborate meals.” 

Redditors thought the dad was doing the right thing. 

“Your kids aren’t refusing to eat what she packs because they don’t like it, which means that they aren’t being picky eaters,” someone wrote

“You’re giving the kids both more food and more varied and nutritious food,” another said

“They aren’t picky. They’re hungry. She isn’t giving them enough food,” a user commented

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