Dad reaches breaking point after discovering his teenage daughter’s ‘stealing’ habits: ‘She’s taking advantage’

A father is annoyed at his 16-year-old daughter who won’t stop stealing from her stepmother Barbara. 

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. The dad doesn’t know how to get through to his daughter Molly. She keeps taking her stepmother Barbara’s expensive makeup without permission. But when she destroyed some of the stepmother’s property, the father put his foot down.  

“I married my current wife Barbara two years ago,” the father said. “She and my daughter Molly get along well. They have lots of interests in common, including makeup. My wife works as a nurse and has experience with makeup brands that she says are the best. She buys her own makeup which in my opinion is expensive compared to what Molly has. My wife wasn’t ok with Molly taking her makeup and brushes and damaging them. But didn’t want to say anything out of politeness. This went on for two months. Molly has so far cost my wife money replacing expensive makeup that she kept taking without even asking. I of course had many conversations with Molly about it and her argument is always that women can share makeup and besides this is family.” 

The father tried to confront Molly again but she didn’t want to hear it. 

“Days ago, my wife told me Molly took a whole set of makeup products and hasn’t returned it then said [Molly] threw it away when asked about it,” the father wrote. “I was mad for my wife since she said she can’t tell Molly how upset she was. I went out and bought my wife a lockbox and suggested she store her makeup there and she agreed. I sat with Molly and told her she was punished for what she did and she happily took the punishment. But she threw a temper tantrum after I told her that I got my wife a lockbox to keep her makeup and how sad I was things had to come to that. She said I don’t understand and that it’s logical and not weird to use her mother’s makeup products. I argued that it is unacceptable. [Molly] started crying, saying I know that she cannot afford the makeup she used from her stepmom and now I’m forcing her to go back to using cheap makeup that damages her skin.”

Redditors thought the teen was entitled.

“When she found out that OP and stepmom found a way to definitely keep her from stealing, she threw a tantrum. She’s taking advantage of her stepmom,” a user wrote

“That is really not okay behavior,” another said

“At 16 she should know better,” someone commented

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