Dad enrages co-workers with reason for skipping their ‘boys’ weekend’: ‘You sound like a great husband’

 A man is being called “whipped” by his co-workers for changing up a work trip. 

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. He wasn’t too excited about his work’s annual fishing trip because it sounded very fratty. When he proposed an alternative more accommodating for everyone at the office, the guys at work said he was “whipped.” 

“I (28m) have 5 kids with my wife (32f),” he wrote. “Please don’t come after us with how many kids we have. I work roughly 50 hours a week (10 hour days m-f) and my wife is a SAHM. She does the majority of everything, cleaning, cooking, everything minus the shopping which my wife orders online and I pick up at the store. So here’s the AITA scenario, my work schedules a work bonding fishing trip from Friday night to Sunday over the summer. I said no way I’m going, for the following reasons, (despite my wife telling me to go and have fun).

“First of all every Saturday I schedule my wife for some type of treat your self appointment and send her on a mini shopping spree/kiddo free morning to do what she wants with one rule no kid shopping. It’s about her and her only. Second, I’m not leaving my wife for 2 nights and a day for fishing and getting drunk. If I want to go fishing I’ll take the 5yr old twins with me to give my wife less to juggle and create some memories.

“Third, the ladies that work at the office feel excluded because they don’t like the fishing trip because they feel excluded.”

The Reddit poster proposed a trip that felt more inclusive to everyone at the office. 

“Fourth, they call it a stag weekend (despite no one getting married) and I don’t trust that phrasing, especially since they are going fishing near a very popular college age vacation spot known for bars and wasted weekend shenanigans,” he explained. “So my co-workers have been calling me whipped since I said no, and saying it’ll give them a chance to know me better since I don’t go out with them on Wednesdays when they go to the bar and have always missed the trip. All my co-workers all have wives, kids or significant others so I recommended we do a family campout during the planning meeting (would cost the same amount) and do those blow up things on the lake, boating if you have one, skis ext. and do a cookout kind of deal with family activities with my work renting small cabins for families to use.

“My regional manager who was at the meeting loved it even more than the fishing trip, gave me a yearly bonus to plan this family event every year instead of my co-worker who gets one to plan the fishing trip. Now, my co-workers are calling me whipped and more bs names and are mad because their wives are happy about my idea (their wives have even emailed me about a mom Saturday morning idea like my wife has and I added it into the plan) and are mad their stag weekend is canceled and quote ‘spend a work paid trip babysitting’.”

Redditors sided with the poster on this one. 

“No one is forcing them to bring their families. It’s just a trip that is made so that people who WANT to bring their kids and spouse CAN rather than a drunken boys weekend,” a user said

“You sound like a great husband,” another commented

“It’s not babysitting if it’s your own children. You’re being considerate to your wife and it sounds like you’re a good husband,” a person added

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