Woman calls out date over his ‘ridiculous’ reaction to her laugh: ‘Find someone who wants to make you laugh’

After her date ridiculed her laugh, this woman retaliated during dinner. 

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. A friend set her up on a blind date at a fairly loud bar. When her date said something funny, she laughed. The trouble was that her date insisted her laugh was “unattractive” — so she laughed hysterically at everything he said until he left. 

“I went on a blind date with a guy my friend recommended,” the Reddit poster said. “She said she’d known him for a while and thought he was cute and worth my time. So off we went to a bar. It was a little fancy but also loud enough for us to have to raise our voices and speak. We ordered some cocktails and food, and he joked about something. I laughed, and I admit I have a slightly loud laugh and that I usually throw my head back and don’t really try to stop it.

“I don’t see why I should. He shushed me immediately and started looking around. No one was looking our way. He asked me to stop laughing so loudly, and he asked if my laugh was fake. I was a bit surprised by his question but told him no, it was not. I shrugged it off as just one weird point, but the next time I laughed, he shushed me even louder.”

No one seemed bothered by her laugh, but they did appear to take note of her date’s behavior. 

“People looked at him shushing me instead of me laughing,” she explained. “It was irritating me now. He told me I laugh too much, and he doesn’t find that attractive. He asked me why I don’t cover my mouth when I do and why I don’t try to stifle it. He shushed me so many times that I’d had enough.

“I laughed maniacally at everything to embarrass him, and it worked. He looked like he wanted to die. I laughed even harder when he said he wanted to leave. I laughed while he left. Then once he was gone, I paid for my drinks and left. He texted me saying I was embarrassing and weird, and I told him that if he can’t handle a woman laughing normally, he shouldn’t even attempt to go out on dates. Was I too much?” 

Redditors praise the woman for sticking up for herself. 

“You were laughing. That’s a ridiculous thing to tell someone to cut out. Find someone who wants to make you laugh,” a user said

“To insult someone’s laugh is hideous,” another wrote

“Laughter should be celebrated. Be your authentic self,” someone added

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