Man catches pizza delivery guy slipping ‘creepy’ message under his girlfriend’s door: ‘What does the note say?‘

A man was baffled by a delivery person’s creepy behavior toward his girlfriend. 

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. He and his girlfriend ordered pizza while at her house. When the delivery guy arrived, he seemed shocked that the Reddit poster was there. The delivery guy then slipped a strange message under the girlfriend’s door. 

“I was spending the weekend with my girlfriend at her place,” he wrote. “We decided to order some pizza, and she ordered from her usual restaurant. When the delivery guy arrived, I opened the door, and he looked at me confused, then proceeded to ask where (girlfriend’s name) was. I asked why he was asking, and he said nothing. It was just that he’s used to delivering pizza to her, and this [was] the first he saw me, so he thought she [had] moved. 

“I told him she was busy, then took the pizza and gave him money, and while I was turning, I saw him still standing. I asked how can I help, and he said, ‘Don’t mind me. I’m just standing here waiting.’ I told him he shouldn’t keep standing outside like that. He rudely said it wasn’t my property. I got angry but didn’t want to escalate, so I said this wasn’t public property, and he should LEAVE. I then went inside and shut the door.”

But the delivery guy refused to leave the property. However, the girlfriend didn’t think it was a big deal

“[Then,] 10 minutes later, I caught a note getting slid under the door,” he explained. “I went to look, opened the door and saw the pizza guy going downstairs. I stopped him immediately, then read what the note said. He kept calling my girlfriend by her name and said that he was worried about her and how sad he was that he didn’t see her this time. 

“I told her what he did, and she told me to leave it alone and go back inside. I said alright then, but [as] soon as I walked in, I called his workplace and wanted to speak to the manager. I told him what that guy did, and he promised to take care of it and said that he [wouldn’t] work for them anymore. She said I overreacted and had no right to do this when it’s not even my apartment. I didn’t know what to say, but she completely shut down and refused to talk to me except to say I’m being too insecure and petty.”

Redditors felt like the delivery guy’s behavior was bizarre. 

“Straight-up creepy,” a user said

“What does the note say?” another asked

“I am a pizza delivery driver/maker. He was WAY out of bounds,” a person commented

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