Woman faces backlash over ‘disgusting’ reaction to friend’s engagement: ‘What a mean person’

A woman’s rude comment in response to her friend’s engagement is driving them apart.

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her friend Jane hasn’t always been lucky in love but has always wanted to get married. Their group of friends would joke about Jane’s sordid love life. So when Jane finally got engaged, the Reddit poster cracked a joke about it. The joke, however, did not land well. 

“For all of her twenties, she had horrendous luck with her love life and was extremely insecure about it,” the Reddit poster said. “She always wanted to get married and have kids and kept ending up with douchebags. Her love life kinda became a punchline in our group of friends and sometimes she’d go along with it, especially once she got into her thirties and was still single. She’d say like, ‘haha yeah guys we all know I’m gonna die alone’ all the time. I know she was torn up about it, but we were always reassuring her that it’s not the case, and she was in therapy about it.” 

Finally, Jane met the perfect man, and he proposed to her. Then things took a turn. 

“This weekend, we all went out to celebrate and all our friends were saying how we’re so happy for her after a long and difficult road, and it was really emotional,” she explained. “For context, I’m still single, no boyfriend, and I want to get married too, and so I said, ‘I can’t believe JANE will get married before me!’ She started crying and stormed out, and the evening was completely spoiled. I tried calling her this weekend but she was hysterical and said that I didn’t have to point out that she’s so unlovable and it’s a miracle she tricked someone into proposing. I apologized but also suggested she should talk to her therapist about that reaction, and now she completely refuses to speak to me and won’t answer my messages.”

Reddit users thought the poster was being insensitive.

“Maybe OP’s disgusting attitude is the reason men don’t find her attractive?” one person said

“What a mean person you are,” another wrote

“What a horrid thing to have said,” a user commented

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