Pet owner faces backlash over her ‘entitled’ neighborhood request: ‘Train your dog and keep him inside’

A woman got into an argument with her neighbors over her pit bull’s behavior.

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She and her husband just moved into a new house. Their pit bull mix is enjoying having a yard to play in for the first time. The trouble is, every time the neighbors’ kids go outside, the pit bull starts barking. When the Reddit poster asked the neighbors to keep their kids inside at certain times, it didn’t go over well. 

“I just moved with my husband and our dog, who is a pit bull mix and who has never had an actual yard to play in,” she explained. “The problem is that we have neighbors, a husband and wife with four kids, all of whom are quite young. Our dog barks incessantly whenever they’re in the yard at the same time.” 

The Reddit poster then asked the neighbors to keep their kids inside whenever the pit bull is outside. 

“The wife told me that it was ridiculous and that I shouldn’t expect them to keep their kids inside just because our dog isn’t trained,” she wrote. “That set me off, and I snapped at her and told her that that was uncalled for and that she had to compromise a little bit. But the husband stepped in and said that he understands the predicament but that his wife is right, and that I shouldn’t expect them to bend over backward just because our dog isn’t trained, and then they shut the door.”

Reddit users thought the pet owner was out of line. 

“Train your dog and keep him inside when their children are out,” one person commented

“What a selfish and entitled person you must be,” another wrote

“They absolutely do not need to compromise in this situation,” a user said.

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