Homeowner infuriated by neighbors’ ‘entitled’ outdoor behavior: ‘They took your kindness for granted’

A woman is furious with how her neighbors treated her younger brother. 

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The 32-year-old woman lives with her 15-year-old brother. She doesn’t drive but has a driveway large enough for two cars. She usually lets her neighbors use the space. But when her teen brother was injured, she couldn’t help but notice her neighbors’ callous response. So, she took their parking privileges away. 

“My next-door neighbors have always been allowed to use my drive because I didn’t need it,” she explained. “It really didn’t bother me because if I had friends over, then I’d just ask them to move, and they would. My brother has very weak joints and has to go to the hospital every month or so on average. A couple of months ago, he tore the one in his knee and had to be on crutches.”

“We were pulling into our street in the taxi after getting them, and one of my neighbors pulled into my drive, blocking our taxi from pulling up to the door. We waited for them to realize my brother had crutches and move, but she looked at us and carried on inside, along with her sisters and stepfather. I had to hobble my brother across wet, muddy grass to get to our door.” 

The Reddit poster was furious at how uncourteous the neighbor was. 

“I was so angry, I then told my neighbors that they were no longer allowed to use my drive,” she wrote. “They protested, saying they had three cars and a van and had nowhere to park. I sympathized but still said no. My own brother couldn’t use his driveway when he couldn’t even walk, thanks to their nastiness.” 

“In the past three months, three of the residents’ children have had babies and have started parking on my drive again. I recently put up a sign on my gates saying ‘No parking on drive.’ One of these girls confronted me, telling me that I don’t even need the drive and that it’s heartless to do that to a new mother. Her sister backed her up. I replied that it was also heartless to make my brother walk across dangerous grass when he was on crutches and in agony.” 

Redditors thought the neighbors got what they deserved.

“They abused the privilege and now are acting like entitled jerks,” someone commented

“It’s your driveway, not a public car park,” another wrote

“They took your kindness for granted,” a user said

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