Woman threatens to kick out houseguest over his ‘entitled’ behavior: ‘He is 100 percent taking advantage of this’

A woman let her friend stay at her home for free, but now she is regretting it.

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The woman let her friend move in when he lost his job during the pandemic. She said he could stay free of charge if he helped out around the house with chores. Fast forward to over a year later, and he doesn’t help out but finds the time to play video games all day. 

“He had nowhere to stay, so I offered to let him live in my guest room rent-free until he found a job,” she explained. “I, of course, told him if he wants to stay here, he needs to help around the house. Now it’s been over a year, and in the last few months, he has not been helping much. Sleeping all day and staying up gaming and raiding the fridge at night. I feel like I took in a teenager, but this is a grown man. My nanny has now told me she’s been doing some cleaning after she puts my baby down for a nap because he doesn’t.” 

She decided to confront him about the issue, but it didn’t go over well. 

“I told him he has one week to get his shit together and pull his weight or GTFO my house,” she wrote. “He’s claiming he sleeps all day because of his diabetes throwing his blood sugar out of control. I get that, but he’s on medication. I personally pay for his diabetic-friendly food, and I feel if he’s awake all night gaming, he could absolutely do a few chores. I’m not asking him to deep clean the house at night, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask him to do dishes and clean a bathroom. Just general helping out with chores. He’s now going on Facebook saying I’m throwing him out during a pandemic and knowingly making him homeless.” 

Reddit users thought she had every right to kick him out. 

“It isn’t ‘cruel’ to refuse to pay for the privilege of housing a selfish and entitled person, it’s just common sense,” one person wrote

“He is 100 percent taking advantage of this,” another said

“It’s basic human decency to clean up after yourself and try to help the friend who’s giving you a home to live in,” a user added

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