Woman baffled by boyfriend’s expensive birthday party plans: ‘I hate spending money like that’

A woman was horrified when her family spent a ton of money on her birthday dinner

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Despite her disdain for surprises and spending money, her family surprised her with an expensive birthday dinner. She refused to eat during the three-hour meal. Now, her husband is upset with her. 

“I had a birthday today, and my whole family went to celebrate,” the woman explained. “My partner planned the whole thing and didn’t want to tell me. He wanted it to be a surprise. I have never liked surprises. I think he knows as much.

“My father also planned some of it, so he wasn’t in the dark about it. We then go to dinner, which I was unaware of where we were going to. We get there, and I quickly realize that this was a very expensive restaurant and something I wasn’t comfortable with. I hate spending money and people spending money on me.

“My father asked what I was going to order,” the woman wrote. “I said nothing. [There were] instant looks for my family, already knowing what’s up. I typically don’t like to eat, so this isn’t a shocker. They think I’m almost joking, though, so nothing happens. The time to order comes around. I order nothing. My mother asks me if I’d rather leave. Drinks have been placed, and everyone else has ordered. I refused since we already placed orders. We stay. I think they believed I would be eating off their plates. I didn’t.

“The dinner lasted nearly three hours, and I didn’t eat a thing — not even the dessert they brought out for me since it was my birthday. I was invested in not eating, which might make me TAH [the a******]. The dinner cost $900, which is far too much for that. I hated it. I hate money being spent like that. I’m going to have a conversation about it when we get home and explain my feelings. I felt like my birthday was completely ruined. My husband, I can tell, is upset that I didn’t eat. And I think he’ll place the blame on me. And I don’t want to make my father sad. So it’s a tough situation.”

People weighed in with their thoughts on the matter. 

“It isn’t your money; how it is spent is not your concern,” a user said.

“You ruined your own birthday on purpose,” another wrote.  

“They ruined it by making it about them rather than doing something she would enjoy,” someone suggested

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