Young man runs off on family dinner after being forced to sit at the ‘kids’ table’: ‘[You] did the right thing’

A 22-year-old can’t figure out why his family insists he sits at the kid’s table. 

He shared his experience on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. During a family gathering, he wanted to sit next to his father. But his aunt insisted that unless he had kids or was at least 25, he had to sit with his elementary school-aged cousins. So he stormed out in the middle of dinner. 

“I haven’t seen my full family together in quite some time, so they set up a get-together at a park,” he explained. “I get there with some picnic items (I brought a quiche and the cups). I say hi, help set up the tables and set the food out. We talk and play games while the others show up. When everyone gets there, we sit down to eat. I sit next to my dad and get a weird look from my aunt as she says to me, ‘this is the adult’s table.’ She tells me that the first and second generations are considered adults and the third and fourth generations should sit at the kid’s table since we ‘don’t have much to contribute to adult conversations.’ I tell her that I can drink, that I drove here, that I pay rent and have a job, so how am I still considered a child?”

He tried to change his aunt’s mind but she was stubborn about her stance on the ages.

“According to my aunt, there are eight children (ages six to 22) and eight adults (ages 25-75) so I should just sit at the kid’s table since it’ll be even,” he wrote. “But there is plenty of space at the adult table and I don’t want to be stuck with five literal children. She still disagrees and at this point my uncle and grandparents back her up. So I say f*** it, take my quiche back, tell them to have a nice day, and drive away. I get a few texts telling me to come back from my dad and grandparents. I ask if aunt is going to apologize and they ask ‘for what?’ That was enough for me to disregard their other messages and calls. I may have possibly ruined a nice family gathering. But feel my family doesn’t respect me at all, enough to say that I am still a child and apparently have the same mentality as six-year-olds.”

Reddit users thought he was OK to leave the family get-together.

“OP did the right thing,” one person said.

“What you did was completely justified,” another wrote.

“Your aunt owes you an apology,” someone added.

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