Man sparks controversy after storming off in response to family’s dinner menu: ‘[He] needs to grow up’

A woman can’t believe her brother-in-law’s behavior at her birthday party.

She asked if she was in the wrong on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her brother-in-law is an adult-aged picky eater. He will only order three things off the menu: burgers, chicken nuggets and fries. She chose a restaurant for her birthday dinner that didn’t have any of those items. She let her brother-in-law know in advance, and he still chose to attend. But once the party started, he became furious. 

“I recently had a birthday. Some family and I went out to dinner to celebrate,” she wrote. “My brother-in-law is weird about eating out. He’ll only order a burger or fries and chicken nuggets in a food place, no matter how fancy, no matter how much choice there is. I know this but I won’t accommodate it when it comes to something I’m supposed to enjoy. When my husband and I were discussing the dinner, I told him to let his brother know they didn’t do burgers or fries at this place. He still says he’s showing up.” 

But during her birthday dinner, her brother-in-law exploded with anger.

“The dinner arrives. When we’re all ordering, he asks the server for fries and nuggets,” she explained. “[The server] explains they don’t have those and then my brother-in-law asks about a burger. They don’t do those either. He asks could they make up some fries just for him and the server explains they can’t accommodate those. He starts sulking and my husband makes apologies. Brother-in-law goes off about how s***** it was I didn’t think of him with dinner and we should have made sure there was something for him to eat. I pointed out he was told and he chose to come. That it was not my job to accommodate for his pickiness when eating out and that his taste was not a priority during my birthday dinner.”

Reddit users thought the brother-in-law was being immature.

“This brother is an idiot who needs to grow up,” one person commented

“How are these the actions and eating habits of a full-grown adult?” another said

“That’s the diet of a child,” a user wrote.

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