Woman dumps her fiancé after learning the ‘dishonest’ way he paid for her engagement ring: ‘He lied’

A woman is convinced her cousin scammed her out of money to buy his fiancée an engagement ring

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. As she explained, her cousin Charles asked to borrow $200. He claimed his girlfriend’s dog was in an accident and that he needed the money for its emergency surgery. The Reddit poster loaned him the cash, only to discover the dog was never hurt. 

“I received a call from my cousin Charles,” the Reddit poster said. “He asked if he could borrow some amount because his girlfriend’s dog got into an accident and is in dire need of immediate surgery. I lent him 10,000 pesos (around $200), and that amount is no joke because I have to work for five days in order to earn that. Yesterday, I met Charles’ fiancée at the mall. The dog looked healthy, which left me confused. I asked her about the accident, and even she was confused as well. She changed the topic right away by flexing her diamond ring. Apparently, Charles proposed to her. She said it was too sudden, and that the day before that, they had a really huge argument because Charles seems to be evading the talk about their marriage.”

She told Charles’ fiancée everything. Then Charles became furious. 

“There was no dog accident,” the Reddit poster explained. “Rather, Charles made up that story because he was desperate to buy her a diamond ring. I got furious because I hate it when people lie to me, so I told his fiancée about it. That Charles told me her dog got into an accident and I lent him $200 for the operation, which he probably used to buy her a diamond ring. She got silent before she said her goodbye. Then earlier, Charles barged into our home, furious and looking for me. He’s mad because I told his fiancée that he scammed me, and now she broke up with him for good. He’s blaming me for everything.” 

Reddit users thought the poster had every right to tell the fiancée.

“You owe nothing to such a dishonest person,” someone said

“He lied. Make sure you get your money back,” another wrote

“He made up an emergency to try and scam money from you versus just asking to borrow money,” a user said

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