Woman stunned after discovering fiancé’s ‘self-indulgent’ shopping habits: ‘A ridiculous amount to spend’

A mom is concerned that her daughter’s future stepfather is spoiling her. 

She shared her fiancé’s shopping habits on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her fiancé loves her seven-year-old daughter so much, he can’t stop showering her with gifts. The mom told him it was a bit excessive, but he didn’t agree one bit. 

“I have a daughter. My fiancé adores her and can’t say no to her,” she explained. “I’ve never really minded because I’m just glad that my daughter has a father figure in her life (her dad’s not in the picture). The one time where this can be problematic is when my fiancé goes shopping with my daughter. For example, she’d grown out of her swimsuit, so I asked him to take her to Walmart and buy her two swimsuits. They came home with two swimsuits, a bag of cookies and candy, and around $300 worth of Legos.” 

The fiancé has never gone shopping with the seven-year-old without buying her a ton of stuff. 

“I talked to him about not buying my daughter so many toys and treats, but he said that gifts are his love language and this is how he shows that he loves her,” she wrote. “I said that I understand that, and something small like one package of cookies or a small toy wouldn’t be a big deal, but not hundreds of dollars worth of toys. I eventually said that if he can’t control himself and not buy her all these toys, I don’t want him going shopping with her. He says that’s not fair because he’s been in her life for two years and he should be able to take her out. I said that he’s welcome to take her to the park, the zoo, the aquarium, the children’s museum, etc. whenever he wants, but no more shopping.” 

Reddit users agreed with the mother on this one.

“He needs to value raising a child properly over his own self-indulgent need to buy her fun toys,” one person commented.

“$300 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a simple shopping trip,” another wrote

“He is going to make a spoiled brat out of her if he can’t control himself,” a user said

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