Man gets furious at girlfriend over her friends’ ‘emasculating’ behavior: ‘Why isn’t she your ex?’

A man was stunned by his girlfriend’s attitude after a date night went wrong. 

Things were already sour when his girlfriend ambushed him on a date for two with a group of her friends. The women then proceeded to insult him and, finally, demand he pay for the entire meal. He shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum.

“I’ve been planning on taking my GF to this restaurant that just opened up near her,” he wrote. “Early that day, my GF suddenly came up to me and said that she invited three of her female friends. We started to get ready to go to the restaurant, and my GF [said] that we [had] to pick up her friends because they [didn’t] have a car apparently.

“So while we were all sitting, her friends finally acknowledged me and started to talk to me. They were saying that my GF’s ex was 6 feet 2 inches and that I’m only 5 feet 7 inches, and [they] were laughing that I was balding. I started to laugh with him to hide the fact that I was very uncomfortable and angry. What was really disappointing was that my GF never told them to stop. She laughed with them.”

As the night went on, the women only became crueler toward the poster. 

“The girls were drinking. So now they were even more obnoxious and were talking loudly,” he explained. “I was getting stares, and I even had a waiter come to our table and kindly let us know that we are being a little too loud. So I was ready to leave at this point, so I got a waiter to bring me two checks. I was only paying for me and my GF. Under normal circumstances, I would’ve paid for all of them. However, I [was] disrespected all evening, so I did not feel obligated to.”

“I said I was only paying for my GF and myself, [and] they basically just started to emasculate me, saying I’m not a real man. They also called me broke. […] So when we got back to her place, my girlfriend then took me into her bedroom and closed the door. She basically said that I embarrassed her because I did not pay for her friends. My GF [had] also been drinking, so I wasn’t really taking anything she said to me personally. However, I did give money to her friends, the amount I would’ve paid at the restaurant just to please her so she would stop talking to me about it. Then, I made sure everything was alright with them, and I left.”

Redditors thought his girlfriend was behaving horribly. 

“Why isn’t she your ex?” a user asked

“You are a better person than I am. I would have paid for MINE and left ALL of them at the restaurant,” another wrote

“She let them make fun of you for the entire dinner AND THEN expected you to pay for HER invites,” a person said

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