Man infuriates girlfriend by not ‘catering’ to her dietary restrictions: ‘Mean and insensitive’

A man isn’t sure if he handled his girlfriend’s new dietary restrictions the right way. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. His girlfriend recently learned she is lactose intolerant. They each cook for each other once a week. When it was his turn, he cooked her a meal with dairy in it. She called him a jerk and went home

“AITA (M25) for not ‘catering’ to my GF’s intolerance to lactose? (F22)” he wrote. “My GF recently developed a strong intolerance for lactose. Yogurt, and milk makes her stomach hurt really bad, and all other dairy, while tolerable, gives her extreme gas and a sick feeling in her throat.

Due to this, my GF has recently developed a dairy free diet. She refuses to eat any dairy, even the stuff that just gives her gas. I never complained about this, although it made it difficult for me to cook for her/go out to eat since she has so many limitations now. We live separately but visit each other twice a week (Wednesday I go to her house and Sunday she comes to mine). We usually cook for one another on those days.

Lately her meals haven’t been as good due to all the dairy substitutes, which is fine. This is where I may be the asshole. Last night I made her a pasta dish with heavy cream. I told her to take one of her Lactaid pills beforehand and she said she didn’t want to deal with the gas afterwards, & demanded I get her something else. This slightly annoyed me because I had put in a lot of work for this dish. 

I told her that while I was fine with eating her food on Wednesday, I don’t want to change my eating habits for her. A lot of Dairy free alternatives don’t taste as good (dairy free cheese is awful) & I don’t see a point in changing my groceries for one meal when she can just take a Lactaid pill. She called me a jerk, teared up and went home. I thought she would get over it but she has barely answered my texts.”

Redditors didn’t think the boyfriend was being considerate. 

“Frankly you sound mean and insensitive,” a person responded

“You do know that cheese is not compulsory for all food?” another commented

“You made her a meal that would make her sick, and you’re upset about it?” someone added

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