Man heartbroken by girlfriend’s reaction to him quitting his job: ‘Don’t take her back’

A man expected sympathy when he quit his job. Instead, his longtime girlfriend was furious. 

He asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to weigh in. His job worked him overtime, nonstop, for very little pay. The work was so much that it affected his health. Eventually, he snapped and quit. But his girlfriend didn’t seem to care about his feelings. 

“I worked an OK job making around $55K,” he wrote. “It was a boring office job, but I sometimes enjoyed what I did. Problem is the crunch was getting worse. Some crunch I could do, but this crunch was neverending, and everyone was stressed. I was clocking in at 80-90 hours with no extra pay to show for it. With all the coffee and Red Bulls I was consuming, I started developing health issues. I was told by my doctor to reduce my stress, cut out this caffeine and work less.”

“Well, working less wasn’t an option, as it’s mandatory to work OT. I’d be ‘fired’ for performance issues if I didn’t. With my boss telling me I’d be working for the next six months, weekends and doubles, I had enough stress and just broke. I insulted my boss and supervisors, emptied my desk and went home knowing my career was over. I kinda expected sympathy from my girlfriend, but instead, she was pissed/ [said] I’m a child for doing this, [called me] immature, [said] the doctor was wrong, etc., etc.”

The girlfriend didn’t think he had any reason to complain and should have stuck it out. 

“This is what being an adult is: Working nonstop,” he explained. “I’m a loser for throwing my career away because I was tired. There’s no excuse. She doesn’t care if it was a $10K-a-year job. The fact is: I quit like a child having a tantrum. She said she can’t see a future with someone who would quit a job because they were ‘overworked.'”

“But, this is what I don’t understand. She was getting annoyed we could barely do anything together. I was always working 12-16 hour shifts, and [on] the one day I had off, I was too tired for anything, including sex. I just don’t understand. Why is my health not a concern? I have heart problems from all this work and stress. Why is she not more sympathetic that I was literally dying. I couldn’t face another crunching session. Six more months of 16-hour shifts with one day off is just pointlessly cruel.”

Redditors didn’t think the girlfriend was being supportive. 

“Take time for yourself, and most importantly, don’t take her back,” a user said

“A real partner doesn’t berate the other for a medical crisis,” another commented

“Your girlfriend doesn’t care about your health,” a person commented

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