Man infuriated by his girlfriend’s unexpected tattoo decision: ‘I can’t bring myself to talk to her’

A man is furious with his girlfriend after she tattooed his mother

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. He thought his “conservative” parents would disapprove of his tattoo-covered girlfriend. When his mom and dad met her, however, they adored her ink. In fact, his mom loved the tattoos so much that she asked his girlfriend to give her one right then and there. 

“My girlfriend and I have been together for over a year,” he wrote. “She’s covered in tattoos, which I’ve always liked. She’s always been artistic and has been tattooing herself and friends for years.

“My parents are more conservative and traditional, so when they planned a trip to visit us, I told her to just wear longer clothes to cover them up. She refused, and on the day they visited, she wore a crop top with shorts that showed off most of her tattoos. I warned her again before they came in about it, but she just shrugged me off.”

But his parents didn’t seem to have any issue with his girlfriend’s tattoos. 

“I was shocked when my parents came in and just started complimenting her on the tattoos, especially my mom,” he said. “My mom spent ages talking to her about tattoos, so my dad and I went out to the backyard. When we came back in, my mom rushed up to my father to show off the tattoo my girlfriend gave her. It was four small flowers running up her arm, and she said it represented our family.

“My dad loved it, and my mom was busy telling everyone on Facebook about it. My girlfriend then came downstairs, and I asked her why she would put that on my mom without asking me. She laughed in my face and said my mom was a grown woman. My parents then took my girlfriend’s side, so I just stormed off upstairs. I could hear them for hours downstairs until my parents left. It’s been a few days, and I can’t bring myself to talk to her after she did that behind my back.”

Redditors thought the boyfriend was totally wrong. 

“You can’t bring yourself to talk to your girlfriend because you were wrong about literally everything in this situation, and your ego can’t handle it,” someone wrote

“Your mum, a grown adult, chose to get a tattoo. Why on earth do you think that your permission was needed?” another commented

“Why the hell do two grown women need your permission to do anything? Get over yourself,” a person wrote

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