Groom infuriates family with allegedly ‘ridiculous’ wedding rule: ‘You are not in the wrong here’

A groom is furious with his brother for breaking the rules at his wedding.

He explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. He and the bride required guests to turn off their devices during the ceremony. But his brother insisted on letting his 4-year-old daughter use an iPad. When the iPad interrupted the ceremony, the bride and groom got upset.

“My wife and I got married September 4th, and this drama is STILL going on,” he explained. “We told everyone at the rehearsal dinner we would be having everyone turn their devices off for the ceremony, just so that there wouldn’t be any distractions. My brother pulled me aside to tell me that his daughter would need to have her iPad to get through the ceremony, otherwise, she would be really noisy. I told him no, she wouldn’t be using it because there’s a chance she may turn the volume on or something, and I really don’t want to take that risk.”

But during the ceremony, his brother totally disregarded his wishes. 

“Then it happens. Middle of the ceremony, we hear ‘we finally found the perfect house’ and then some fumbling as my sister-in-law (SIL) is trying to get the iPad to shut off and my niece starts to whine,” he wrote. “Some ad started playing as my niece was playing a game. My wife and I were annoyed, but we, along with everyone else, laughed it off and continued on. During the reception, my SIL and brother ran up to us, saying they didn’t know the volume was up so loud, and they had my niece apologize for it. I said that it wasn’t fair SIL allowed it seeing as we already talked about it and that [was] going against what we had already asked of them. My brother said that it wasn’t that deep and that I’m being ridiculous. Since this happened, I’ve said very few things to my brother. My parents are starting to think I’m the AH for not just moving on and for waiting for him to apologize.” 

Reddit users thought the groom had every right to be upset. 

“You are not in the wrong here,” the user wrote

“Seriously, the brother and his wife are complete toolboxes,” another said

“The parents are to blame in this case,” someone commented

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