Groom-to-be kicks out engagement party guest after their ‘horrific’ outburst: ‘I was livid’

A man kicked his sibling out of his engagement party after they made rude comments about his fiancée. 

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum if he was in the wrong. His whole family seemed to adore his fiancée except for his father and brother. They told him she wasn’t good enough for him because she didn’t make enough money. Then, things escalated at the engagement party. 

“Last week, we had our engagement party. I didn’t want my dad or my brother there,” he explained. “But my mom told me to let [them] come since my fiancée would notice I didn’t invite them and ask questions about it. I decided to invite them after mom promised they’d remain civil and respectful. My family arrived together. My dad remained quiet then started talking with other guests, so things were going pretty well. When dinner arrived, my brother sat with us at the table asking how much money I ‘lost’ to make this dinner happen, then how much my fiancée contributed ‘at all.’ My fiancée and I were talking about her engagement ring, and my brother randomly started singing, ‘I ain’t saying she a gold digger.’ My fiancée and her mom stared at him, and he stopped. I gave him a look as a warning for him to knock it off.” 

But the brother wouldn’t stop until he finally crossed a line with his behavior.

“Then I got up from my seat to make a toast, and my brother interrupted me loudly coughing ‘prenup,’ and everyone heard him and stared awkwardly,” he said. “I was livid. I put my drink down and asked him to see me outside. I had an argument with him and told him to leave. He acted dumb about how he behaved, and [our] mom got involved. I demanded he leave, and he did after calling me nuts. [Our] mom and dad said I shouldn’t have kicked him out. Dad left shortly, which made [our] mom say I caused a scene and ruined my own dinner by kicking my brother out. My fiancée was hurt by that, but mom said my brother cried because I kicked him out and wants us to meet and talk. My brother is older than me; he’s 37 and divorced.” 

Reddit users thought the brother was totally in the wrong. 

“I’m putting some blame on your mom to actually want you to tolerate such HORRIFIC abuse of your future wife,” a user wrote.

“He deserved to get kicked out,” a person commented

“Shocking he’s divorced! He sounds like a complete buffoon,” another said

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