Groom faces backlash over his ‘shocking’ wedding day behavior toward his family: ‘I’d be ashamed of myself’

A woman is refusing to do her brother a favor after how he treated her during his wedding

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. During the wedding, her brother took advantage of her financially and otherwise. He tried to get her to pay for bar tabs, stole money from her and made her do a ton of tasks. Now, she doesn’t want to help him out. 

“My brother got married in June, and he and his wife delayed their honeymoon to save money,” she wrote. “He asked me a couple of days ago if I would housesit for them while they go on honeymoon. I told him hell no, and he had some nerve asking me after how I was treated at his wedding. The morning of the wedding, he had me run around to pick up his wedding cake, didn’t even give me the right place to go the first time, and I ended up running around in the rain going for a cake, and never once was I thanked. He actually canceled my room for his best friend who was coming from out of state without telling me, so when I went to grab my key, there was nothing there for me, and he kept the money I had paid.” 

Even their parents thought he was mistreating his sister throughout the wedding.

“Adding to all that, he left me to pay the bar tab as my contribution to the wedding, even though I had helped with wedding invites, table plans … picked up their decorations from the place and brought them to the hotel and put them up,” she explained. “Our parents took care of the tab and gave him so much shit for treating me the way he did. I was honest with them about the stuff they had said to me that day. They were super pissed because I had already dedicated a lot of time to help them out. But now, he’s saying I am being petty, and given we were good before the wedding, one day should not make me refuse to help him.” 

Redditors thought the sister had every right to refuse.

“I’d be ashamed of myself for stomping on my loved ones for a wedding,” a user wrote

“Your brother sounds like a piece of work, and I would have laughed in his face,” another said

“It is absolutely shocking to me that a bride and groom would leave the bar tab for anyone else to pay,” someone commented

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