Wedding guest faces backlash after breaking a ‘cardinal’ ceremony rule: ‘She should have known better’

A woman called out her sister for wearing white to another woman’s wedding

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her sister Zoe went to a friend’s wedding and wore a white dress. But it was only after the wedding that they all found out the outfit had been poorly received. When the Reddit poster confronted Zoe about it, Zoe didn’t think she did anything wrong. 

“My sister Zoe attended her friend’s wedding last week,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She’s friends with the groom. So last night, I saw a TikTok post by the bride’s sister Sandy shaming Zoe for wearing ‘white.’ I showed it to her, and she freaked out. 

“She called the groom and told him to tell his sister-in-law to delete the post. I asked my sister why she thought that wearing white to a wedding was okay.”

Zoe believed since her dress was ivory, not white, it was perfectly fine.

“I honestly can’t blame Sandy for shaming Zoe as I would have done the same thing if someone wore white to my sister’s wedding,” the Reddit poster said. “I told Zoe that she had it coming, and she should apologize first before demanding to have the post deleted.”

“My sister didn’t like what I said. She’s upset that I am not taking her side and called me an a******.” 

Redditors thought Zoe was in the wrong on this one. 

“Your sister broke the cardinal wedding rule: Only the bride wears a white dress,” a user said

“She should have known better. I’m surprised no one tried to stop her,” another commented

“Normal courtesy is to not wear white unless you know for a fact that the bride doesn’t care,” someone wrote

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