Woman heartbroken over her mom’s ‘unfair’ wedding proposal request: ‘She should be ashamed of herself’

A woman can’t believe her mother asked for a family heirloom back.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to weigh in. Her mother had emerald earrings instead of an engagement ring. She gave one of the emeralds to the poster. The issue is, when her brother proposed to his girlfriend, the Reddit poster’s mom expected her to give the heirloom to her brother for his engagement ring. 

“My brother recently announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend,” she explained. “We’re not very traditional in my family. Similar to my engagement, he didn’t get down on one knee and present a ring. Instead, he had an open conversation with her. Back story: when my parents got engaged, my mom didn’t want an engagement ring. Instead, my dad got her a beautiful pair of emerald earrings. She lost one of them at one point and was devastated, so my dad got her an identical pair. For my bat mitzvah, they took the single earring from the original pair and made a necklace with it. And 22 years later I still have it, but cannot wear it often, as I’m allergic to yellow gold. It’s sentimental, nonetheless.”

But things took a turn when her mom expected her to give the necklace to her brother.

“My mom gifted my brother the replacement earrings and he planned to make an engagement ring with the stones,” the sister wrote. “My mom then reached out to me and asked me to give them the charm with the original earring. I told her she should be ashamed of herself for even asking. That just because I can’t wear it as frequently as other pieces doesn’t mean I don’t cherish it and enjoy wearing it when I can. She told me I was selfish for hanging onto it. But at the end of the day, I barely have any heirloom jewelry to begin with, so why would I give this up?” 

Reddit users thought the poster should keep the necklace.

“Seems pretty unfair to give you a sentimental present only to want to take it back again,” someone commented

“Your family is really showing their favoritism,” a user wrote.

“This reeks of the brother being the mother’s favorite child,” another said

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