Woman conflicted after discovering evidence of her husband’s potential affair: ‘I’m not sure what I should do’

A woman isn’t sure if she is paranoid or if her husband of 13 years is having an affair. 

She asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to weigh in. She began to notice her husband growing more withdrawn and secretive. Then she started to find possible evidence, like things that belonged to another woman. When she would ask him questions about his strange behavior, the husband only deflected. 

“I’ve known him to be lively and outgoing throughout our marriage,” she explained. “He’s been quieter and more secretive around me during the last four months. Nothing appeared to help him get back to his old self, despite my best efforts. One day I discovered some unusual items in our home. In our bed, I discovered some strands of long blonde hair. (I have long brown hair and he has short brown hair.) I just figured it was a stray hair from one of our work uniforms and overlooked it.” 

“I found a new frilly shirt in the laundry a week later. When I checked the size, it was a small, so I immediately recognized that it wasn’t mine (I am a medium). When I asked him about it, he said that I must have forgotten about buying it. I know that I am not one to forget such things like this, so I chose to leave the situation since, despite his bright personality, he has a short fuse and is easily annoyed when you question him too much.” 

The more she probed the situation, the more defensive her husband seemed to get. 

“I was in bed with him last night, watching TV, and he got some notifications on his phone,” she wrote. “I questioned as to who it was this late (10ish pm), and he replied, ‘it’s about a work meeting.’ I was curious as to why they would message him about this so late, but he is a hard worker, so I didn’t think much of it and didn’t want to be too nosy.”

“However, I did see something strange, he moved the phone screen away from me and began typing while smirking. I probed as to what was so amusing, but he merely stated that it was nothing and that I shouldn’t be so intrusive on his life. Frustrated, I quietly turned around and just went to sleep, exhausted and annoyed that he was keeping secrets from me.”

Redditors thought she had enough evidence to suspect his infidelity. 

“I’m not sure what I should do,” a person said

“Hairs in your bed? Random female shirts in your laundry? No, you aren’t being paranoid,” another commented

“Your husband suddenly being distant and secretive is a red flag on its own,” someone replied

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