Woman calls out husband over his ‘concerning’ attitude about household chores: ‘He’s manipulating you’

A woman is fed up with her husband who never completes his chores.

She finally blew up at him and shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her husband has the tendency to start chores but never finish them. Though she got used to just cleaning up after him, after years on a grueling work schedule, she reached her limit. 

“My husband half does chores,” she wrote. “Example: he will leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher for days. He will wash laundry and dry it but not fold it and put it away. He will vacuum but not empty the vacuum when he is done. In general, these are not uncommon things and are easily worked out. However, he complains about situations that are caused by the chores not being finished. He complains that the sink is full of dirty dishes because there is nowhere to put them, the clean ones haven’t been put away. The laundry is left in baskets, he complains he can’t find any underwear. The vacuum cleaner is full, he just doesn’t vacuum then complains about how much cat hair there is everywhere.”

Eventually, she confronted him about the issue and he did not take it well.  

“At first I would just go behind him and clean up, but after seven years, I’m exhausted now,” she explained. “I work 40+ hours a week with a 60-minute to 90-minute commute each way. He has been working from home since the pandemic started, so almost two years now. I’ve asked for a little bit of help since he is home and the half-done chores have gotten worse. I finally snapped after asking him many times to finish the chore he started and told him I’m not his mother and I’m not cleaning up after him anymore. He said I am being rude and an asshole for not taking into account how he feels when I critique how he does things. I’ve asked him to load the dishwasher from back to front so it is easier to empty and to just leave my shirts because most of mine are hung anyway.” 

Reddit users thought the husband was in the wrong.

“I think he’s manipulating you,” someone commented.

” He is an entire adult human, he needs to figure this out,” another wrote.

“That’s extremely concerning. He’s in the wrong for this whole situation,” a person said.

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