Woman dumbfounded after discovering husband’s ‘childish’ secret purchase: ‘Your husband stole from you’

A woman is furious with her husband after he stole money from her. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her husband took money from her emergency savings to buy a video game console. When she found out what she did, she found the perfect way to solve the issue. Now, her husband isn’t speaking to her. 

“I am a 35-year-old woman, and my husband is 37. I discovered the other day he had bought a PS5 [PlayStation 5] as a gift for himself,” she explained. “But the thing is, he used my money to do so without my permission, using a portion of my emergency savings that he had access to in case of, you know, an emergency. Which I do not believe being able to get your hands on a new video game console classifies as.”

“This led to a huge argument, and I took the console away and reboxed it up. I debated returning it to the shop for the money, but I know my sister has been struggling to find one for my 13-year-old nephew for over a year.”

The wife decided to sell the PS5 to her sister.

“So, instead, I wrapped it up and took it round to her and put it under the tree and quietly explained what it was and what had happened,” she said. “My sister then gave me the money for it.”    

“My husband went ballistic, shouting and demanding I go get it back, which I, of course, refused to do, telling him, as it had been bought with my money, it was my choice what happened to it. He is now sulking and refusing to talk to me and acting like a huge child.”

Reddit users were not on the husband’s side for this one. 

“You showed us a husband who is childish and a waste of time,” a user commented

“Your husband stole from you,” another said

“The stealing was bad, but his REACTION to losing his stolen goods is SO much worse,” someone wrote

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