Woman stunned by husband’s reaction to her at-home cleaning ‘lesson’: ‘Why are you OK with being his maid?’

A woman who does all of the housework doesn’t feel appreciated by her husband. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” for advice. She does all of the cooking and cleaning at home, along with working full-time. When her workload increased, she let a few chores slide. But her husband became furious when she wasn’t able to cook and clean up as frequently. 

“AITA because I decided to stop cooking and cleaning to teach my husband a lesson in appreciation? I do a majority of the housework, and I’m OK with this,” she explained. “I genuinely don’t mind it. My issue was not with wanting more help from him. It was just because I felt like he didn’t appreciate it. I’m a nurse who’s been working shifts that are longer than usual (no biggie). So when I got home, there were a lot of dishes in the sink since I’ve just wanted to shower and sleep when I got home the past few days. My husband says, ‘I’m not sure if you’ve been waiting for those dishes to do themselves, but spoiler alert, they’re not going to.’ I told him, ‘No they aren’t, so you better get on ’em.’ He laughed and we moved on. I went to shower, came back and did the dishes.” 

Her husband then confronted her about her missing a few household chores. 

“He then says there’s something he needs to talk to me about, and he looked really serious,” she said. “I thought he was gonna ask for a divorce or something. But he said something along the lines of, ‘I know you’ve been working late this past week, and I understand you’ve got a lot on your plate at work. But I’ve had to eat Cup of Noodles and Hot Pockets these last few nights.’ So he basically told me I had been ‘slacking’ and he was ‘paying the price for it.’ I told him that he was perfectly capable of finding something else himself. I decided to just stop doing chores or anything. The house became a mess; he’s been whining about the TV dinners he’s been eating. And since I haven’t been grocery shopping we’re also getting low on those. He finally broke and apologized for not being more appreciative. He’s since changed his tune. But he told me that I was acting like a, ‘B-word for those few weeks.’ I feel it was the only way to get him to be more appreciative, though.” 

Reddit users wondered why the wife put up with this. 

“Why are you OK with being his maid?” someone asked

“No one is worth this level of disrespect,” another wrote

“Your husband clearly still doesn’t appreciate you,” a user added

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