Woman calls out husband after issue with his ‘inconsiderate’ gaming habits: ‘He sounds like a baby’

A woman is furious over the way her husband constantly interrupts her studying. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” for help. Her husband constantly barges in on her when she is studying. No matter what room she chooses to get work done in, he seems to always disrupt her. When she finally became fed up, she locked herself in his man cave game room. 

“My husband and I have been married for six months,” she wrote. “We [live in] a new small-ish apartment that he inherited from his father. He turned one room into his personal gaming room, where he spoils himself by playing video games for hours on end without interruption. He even has a lock for it. I’m in the middle of studying for my final exams for this semester. Concentration can be hard with him continuously distracting me by walking into the bedroom, either laughing at a video he’s watching or turning on the hair dryer or the computer. I tried studying in the living room, but the TV is turned on, and [there is his] phone/talking as well as him starting conversations with me while I’m studying. He even had friends over to party while I was studying. I had to go outside for some peace.” 

When she confronted him about the issue, things blew up. 

“I had enough. I told him to stop interrupting my studying,” she said. “I told him if he interrupts me one more time, then I’ll move my studying books/tools into his gaming room. He said he’d stop, but yesterday at 5 p.m., when I was studying in the bedroom, he walked in making loud sounds and started the TV. I lost it on him. [We] had a huge argument about how he was disrespecting the time and effort I spend studying, and [I] gathered my books and tools and went straight to his gaming room to study there. He threw a fit, saying his gaming room is a forbidden personal space that shouldn’t be accessible to anyone else but him, and asked me to get out. I refused, then locked the door, causing him to get upset and talk about how I was disrespecting/invading his space.” 

Reddit users thought the husband was being immature.

“If he’s childish enough to throw a tantrum over his mancave being invaded, he might have an issue with her studying and being independent,” someone wrote

“He’s being really disrespectful and inconsiderate of your studying,” another commented

“He sounds like a baby,” a user said

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