Woman slams husband over his ‘insane’ new spending habits: ‘You should’ve left him years ago’

A woman became furious at her husband after his behavior changed when he got a promotion. 

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to share her story. For years, she has made significantly more income than her husband. Even after he got a promotion, she was still the breadwinner. But it appeared the raise went to his head, and he immediately started treating her like a “trophy wife.”  

“Me and my husband have been together for nine years,” she explained. “We both were young and broke when we first met. My career took off, and I’ve been making great money for years. He, however, struggled with his career path the entire time. The fact that I make three to four times more was definitely messing … with his ego. He likes to act like a ‘man,’ especially in public.” 

“I’ve been paying the majority of our bills and investing/saving [a] big chunk of my salary, with almost no disposable income left. This way, he got to keep most of his money. He got to take us out, pay for all our activities, etc. He’s been with the same company for two years, which is the longest he has ever held a job. They gave him a huge promotion last month with [a] huge pay raise.”

Her husband began spending a ton of money and buying lavish gifts for her. However, he still had $50,000 in credit card debt, and some of the money he used to bankroll this new lifestyle came from the woman’s emergency fund. 

“Ever since he got this promotion, he started acting differently,” she said. “He would get drunk every night, hang out with his friends or family and just talk about how great he is. He started presenting my accomplishments as his own. We went on vacation to Mexico, and I was really hoping that things [would] change back to normal, but it only got worse.” 

“He started treating me differently! Like I am his trophy wife. He would show me off to everyone [and] try to buy me expensive things. But he wouldn’t talk to me or spend any time with me. He was also drunk the entire time. I tried talking to him multiple times, [but] he was always either drunk or hungover. On the third day of the trip, I snapped! He promised to not have another drink while on vacation, and he spent the rest of the time with me. But I was still angry, and we argued a lot.”

Redditors thought the husband was behaving horribly. 

“Your husband is a sad little man, and you should’ve left him years ago. This is insane,” a user wrote

“Why are your standards so low?” another asked

“I was sick reading your post,” someone added

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