Mom-to-be troubled by husband’s ‘concerning’ last-minute travel decision: ‘This is a huge red flag’

A pregnant woman is upset at her husband for booking a trip to South America without her. 

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her husband’s cousin is getting married in Colombia. But she will be 34 weeks pregnant by the wedding date and doesn’t want to assume the health risks. Her husband doesn’t care about her concerns and decided to go without her. 

“My husband and I have been married for a year and are expecting our first child in March 2022,” she wrote. “This is my first ever pregnancy and both of our first children. We were both invited to my husband’s cousin’s wedding in Colombia at the end of January 2022, during which I will be 34 weeks pregnant. I immediately said that I wasn’t going to go as it’s too far into the pregnancy, and there are other associated dangers and risks with traveling in general, as well as traveling to Colombia. I told my husband many times that I did not want him to go either as I’m nervous about delivering early or having any complications, and I asked him to support me in that decision and think of another way we could support his cousin besides being at the wedding.”

Her husband dismissed her concerns and made a decision without consulting her. 

“My husband decided to book the trip for himself anyway for five days during the wedding and said that ‘this is what [he] decided and what [he is] doing, and that’s that.’ He believes that I am being irrational and paranoid and equates him leaving the country (we live in Canada) to go to Colombia as the same as him working out of town (he works six hours away). He and this cousin are very close, ‘like brothers,’ and my husband is supposed to be in the wedding party. He feels that he should go because he’s in the wedding party, but I feel like he is choosing his cousin and the wedding over me and our baby,” she explained

Redditors thought the wife had a right to be disappointed. 

“This is a HUGE red flag for what to expect in your marriage and upcoming family obligations,” someone wrote

“I would take the time he is away to pack my bags and go,” another commented

“The way he approached this is really concerning, and I don’t think [it] bodes well for future situations,” a user said

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