Woman enrages family with reason for making her husband ‘miss’ his mother’s birthday party: ‘Controlling and toxic’

A woman’s husband is furious with her after she caused him to miss a family reunion

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. After a long day at work, she wanted a massage from her husband. But he had plans to meet up with his mother for the first time since the pandemic started. She argued with him over the issue, and he ended up missing his chance to see his mom.  

“Last night was my MIL’s birthday. She’s 65 and healthy, but my husband hasn’t seen her since the beginning of the pandemic,” she wrote. “I’m 34 weeks pregnant and also healthy. But, last night, I was feeling particularly emotional and physically in pain from working. By the time I got home, I was exhausted and in need of a massage. My husband was on his way out to his mom’s dinner, and he was expecting me to meet him there. He was disappointed when I told him I wasn’t going to go, but he understood. However, when I asked him to stay back for a half-hour to give me a massage, he got upset that I’d make him late. And in turn piss off his mom, on the day he’s seeing her again for the first time since pre-pandemic.” 

But when she continued to argue with him, things quickly got heated. 

“I suggested I get a massage from our mutual friend (my best friend’s boyfriend) who is a massage therapist in training,” she said. “But there’s a tiny bit of history between us, so my husband didn’t like that either. We argued, he ended up being late. His mom called, and he blamed me for his being late, which resulted in me getting lectured by his mom. I told him to stay home and take care of me, or he’d have to start paying his own phone bill (I pay his). He did it but then slept on the couch that night. [He] didn’t speak to me at all yesterday. And tonight, when I returned from making more copies at the office, he’d claimed the bedroom, leaving my stuff for sleeping on the couch. About an hour before writing this, my SIL called and yelled at me for not letting my husband go to the dinner. He’ll be able to see his family, including his mom, whenever now that she’s vaccinated, but he missed out on the family reunion experience of the dinner.” 

Reddit users thought the wife’s behavior was a huge red flag. 

“This is wildly controlling and toxic behavior,” one user commented.

“I feel bad for your husband,” another wrote

“You sound abusive,” a person said

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