Man enrages wife after leaving ‘outrageous’ tip during their night out at dinner: ‘Do you have something to prove?’

A man is arguing with his wife over a massive tip he left a restaurant server. 

He took the issue to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. He claims he wanted to do a nice thing for a server who provided great service. So he tipped the waitress over 100%. But his wife accused him of being attracted to the server.  

“I’m 20, and I’m newly married as of this past November,” he explained. “My wife and I went out to eat a couple [of] nights ago, and I was in a great mood. The waitress was incredible and personable, and I tipped her $50.”

“My wife thought I’d pulled out the wrong bill, but I explained why I was giving the $50 tip, and that just set things off. She accused me of being attracted to the waitress, being a showoff and things of that nature. I told her it was nothing like that [at] all. I’m tipping well because she did her job well.”

The total bill was only $35. His wife just didn’t believe his intentions were as pure as that. 

“My wife would prefer we never eat at that place again, or, if we do, we go out of our way to not get ‘that waitress,'” he wrote. “I told my wife she was creating something huge out of nothing, which she thinks was me trying to gaslight her.”

“I feel like, at the bare minimum, I did something nice for someone. My wife feels like there were some undertones or that something else was at play. AITA?” 

Redditors had a mixed response to the man’s actions. 

“$50 on a $35 bill is pretty outrageous,” a user said

“Do you have something to prove?” another commented

“My husband does this from time to time, and it just makes me love him more,” someone added

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