Woman outraged after discovering husband’s secretive dessert-eating move: ‘I just needed one thing to myself’

A dad hid a secret purchase from his wife until she caught him in the act. 

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” if what he did was wrong. The father is always forced to share with his wife and kids. He accepts this for the most part, but one day he wanted a chocolate cake all to himself. The dad snuck into his car to eat the treat alone. Then, his wife caught him. 

“I acknowledge, as a father and husband, that a lot of things that were singularly mine before just aren’t [now],” he explained. “[My] wife steals my clothes. [My] wife and kids steal my food. [The] kids steal my phone. I’m fine with it (most of the time). But I just needed one thing to myself without hurting feelings and making someone cry because everybody is sensitive in this house — including me.” 

The husband didn’t want much, just a simple snack all to himself.

“I bought a single-serve piece of cake and ate it in my car without [my] wife sneaking bites or kids licking the chocolate from the top,” he said. “Unfortunately, I got caught. [My] wife is upset with me for going so far as to eat cake while hiding in my car and called me dramatic when I told her my reasoning. Am I?” 

Redditors thought the father’s behavior was pretty acceptable. 

“Not the a****** (NTA). But seriously, also bring your wife a piece,” a user said

“NTA — I hid some expensive chocolates in an empty tampon box in my closet. I replenished that box for years until we moved,” another wrote

“Sometimes we all need something just to ourselves,” someone added

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