Woman deeply hurt by husband’s ‘solo parenting’ excursions: ‘He doesn’t respect your wishes’

A 24-year-old woman is furious with her 40-year-old husband because he keeps spoiling family trips. 

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. She and her husband have a 2-year-old son together. Whenever it’s time for her husband to watch their son, he takes the toddler out somewhere. She is furious because he always takes their son places she suggested to go to as a family. 

“My husband and I just got into a heated argument,” she explained. “The premise is this: He is obsessed with taking our 2-year-old out of the house whenever possible. To the point where he deems it to be neglect if I keep him home when I watch him. The thing is, he always brings our child out with him to places I plan to go [to] as a family, and he refuses to go together but will go alone with our kid.

“For example, he HATES going to the mall. I have ended several of our mall trips together in tears because he is angry, short-tempered and constantly hungry when we go to the mall together, and he makes it a point to make the experience miserable. BUT! Whenever he has to take care of our son, he is happy to be at the mall for hours!”

She is fed up with her husband’s inconsistent behavior and wants to know what’s behind it. 

“Again today, he has taken our son to our history museum on his own after knowing that I had suggested several times that we all go together,” she explained. “This museum, in particular, is special to us, as we both met in college as history majors, and this specific museum holds a lot of importance for us. I wanted to go together with our son and experience his first time there. 

“He [got into] an argument with me when I pointed this out, saying that I am perfectly capable of taking my son there on my own, and I just don’t because I am lazy and just do crafts with our son at home or take him out to local parks and libraries.”

Redditors thought the husband’s behavior was a huge red flag. 

“He sounds like he’s addicted to the positive reinforcement dads get when solo-parenting,” a user said

“He’s unbearable and doesn’t respect your wishes. He’s toxic and controlling,” another commented

“I don’t think your husband likes you very much,” someone wrote

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