Woman baffled after receiving husband’s ‘spiteful’ birthday gift: ‘That was deliberately mean’

A woman can’t believe the birthday gift her husband gave her. 

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. On her husband’s last birthday, she bought him an expensive belt that had been on his wishlist. He told her he would have rather had a device instead. So on her birthday, he gave her the belt that she had previously given him.

“My 25th birthday was two days ago,” she said. “I was excited to see what my husband got me. I got him an expensive belt for his birthday 10 months ago but he didn’t like it although it was on his wish list for so long. He said he just preferred to receive an iPhone or Xbox. On my birthday we had a celebration with family. After they left I asked my husband if he’s gotten any gifts and he asked me to follow him to the bedroom and I did. He opened the bottom closet where he keeps the stuff he doesn’t use but doesn’t want to get rid of and pulled out the belt I got him for his birthday. I was stunned. His face had no expressions. He just handed me the belt and said he’s been keeping this for months and decided to give it to me on my birthday since he couldn’t get anything else and since he had no use for it he figured that I would/might.” 

When she confronted him about the belt, he didn’t see the issue. 

“I tried to process what he just did and ended up blowing up at him asking if he was joking with me,” she explained. “He remained calm as I questioned how he could’ve thought gifting me the item I bought for him, which was A BELT, would be a good idea. I called him disrespectful, that his gift was thoughtless and he was being rude and dismissive of my feelings and my birthday. He argued that a gift is a gift and I shouldn’t have reacted negatively since he never wanted that belt but couldn’t throw it away so he figured it was best that he give it back to me. We had a huge fight about this and he stormed outside. I felt so upset and like I was humiliated by receiving the same gift I gave him just because he didn’t like it. He says I’m being too controlling and demanding.” 

Reddit users thought the husband was in the wrong. 

“He waited almost a year to be spiteful and petty,” another wrote

“This was deliberately mean,” someone commented.

“Your husband intentionally hurt your feelings on your birthday and then has the audacity to call you demanding and controlling when you stand up for yourself?” a person said

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