Woman stunned by new husband’s ‘toxic’ behavior change: ‘He has some gross assumptions about what marriage means’

A woman thinks her husband has become drastically more childish since they got married

She explained the situation in Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum. Before they got married, her husband was helpful around the house and didn’t get carried away with his hobbies. Now he expects her to take care of him like a child and doesn’t help out at all. 

“I recently got married, and before I got married, my husband and I lived together,” she wrote. “During that time, he would help with cooking and cleaning, and on some areas, he would go above and beyond in areas I didn’t really want to look after.

“Before we got married, he used to spend timed amounts of time playing on his PS5, and some days he wouldn’t play games at all (we would just watch tv together, play some two-player games, etc.). But now that we are married, the man doesn’t do anything apart from playing on his PS5.”

His behavior has taken a complete 180, and she isn’t sure what to do about it. 

“He isn’t the manly man that I fell for, just a child that goes to work between 9-5 who expects me to feed him during that time and when he finishes work,” she explained. “(I also work between 9-5.) Immediately after work, he starts playing games online with his friends, and he expects me to cook for him. On days I wait to see if he will cook, he just decides that he wants to eat out that day, even if there is food in the house.

“When he comes back with his food wraps, he just leaves them on our sofa and expects me to clean up, and when I say don’t forget to clean this, he will tell me he was about to do it and throw a tantrum. I have to do all of the major house stuff like painting walls/stairways etc., mounting wardrobes, putting together furniture. He makes bad financial decisions when he is in charge of money. I have tried addressing all of my issues with him, but he just goes silent and starts feeling sorry for himself and gives me one-word answers.”

Redditors thought his behavior was a huge red flag. 

“That the switch was immediate after marriage says that he has some gross assumptions about what marriage means,” a person commented

“This is major stuff, even if it seems minor, and resentment leads to an awful toxic dynamic,” another wrote

“I feel like there is no coming back from this,” a user said

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